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Goji berries VS Cranberries, Which One Is Best?

Berries are a type of superfood that is very nutritional and come in a lot of different colours. These days they are used to make jams and deserts as they taste sweet and sour. These foods are low in calories and are fully loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. It has a number of health benefits that can’t be neglected. Some of these berries include Blueberries, Goji Berries, Raspberries, Bilberries, Strawberries Cranberries etc. Today we are going to discuss the main difference and make a comparison between Goji berries and Cranberries. This will enable a common man to choose the right food.

Now let’s Discuss Goji Berries VS Cranberries

Both Goji berries, as well as Cranberries, belong to the same family. Hence they have a lot in similar, but they are quite different from each other in colour, size, look, nutrition value etc. Now let’s first discuss Goji berries:

All About Goji Berries

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Goji berries are known to be the foundation of our youth. They are hugely also called as wolf barries which are basically bright red in colour. It is native to China. It is said to be eaten for long life in Asia. Following are its features:

  • Health Benefits: People consume these berries treat common ailments like fever, high B.P, diabetes eye problems etc. They can also be used to make juices, wines, tea and some rear medicines. Its consumptions have also helped in weight loss and improve the quality of sleep.
  • Nutritional Value: It can have about 70 cal in ½ a cup. It is a rich source of micronutrients ike carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins. Moreover, it also offers, vitamins, vitamin B complex, minerals and 18 amino acids. These can help cure cancer to an extent.

Boosting energy levels: Goji berries extract, or its juice can aid in improving energy levels to a great extent. It even helps in the creation of muscles and helps maintain physical activity. After consuming it, humans are seen feeling more content and happier.


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Unlike Goji berries cranberry is a native to the northern U.S. It’s an evergreen shrub that can be seen growing in wet areas. It is commonly used in making of juices, cocktails, sauce and jelly. It is dark red in colour with pink flowers and is egg-shaped. Now let us look at its features:

  • Health benefits: Its most common health benefits are the cure of urinary tract infection. It also has the ability to treat kidney stone and urine related problems. People are recommended to use these cranberries for type diabetes, flu heart disease, inflammation etc.
  • Nutritional value: there are about 46 calories in 1 cup of cranberries. They are the number one containers of fibres and crabs. They are a rich source of vitamin c and minerals.
  • Prevents diseases: It has the ability to prevent stomach ulcers and cancers. Cranberries have a number of antioxidants that has the power to treat heart ailments.

So, we can say that both Goji berries, as well as cranberries, are beneficial for us in their own way.

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