Going Viral- Car Crashed Into The Second Floor Of The Building

This incident left everyone surprised

Photo of a car accident in America is getting viral on social media. People are amazed to see this photo that it can happen. In California, USA, a car wind bounce into the air and go to the second floor of the dentist office. These photographs have been taken by the Local Fire Department, which can be seen that a white coloured sedan is in the car building.

Spencer Captain Stephen Horner of Orange County Fire says that he had received a call saying that a car crashed in Santa Ana, California at 5.30 in the morning. He told that the car was in full speed and it collided with dividers and lifted up and get crashed into the building. A fire broke out in the building after the accident, which was extinguished in  few minutes.

Two people were riding in the car. A man managed to get out of the car before the accident, but the other man was trapped inside. After hours of hard work, he was taken out of the car. Both have been admitted to the hospital. However says that he does not have much information in this matter.

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But Santa Ana police say “was travelling at a high rate of speed” when it hit the centre divider and went airborne. According to the police department, the driver of the car “admitted to using narcotics, and will be admitted to a local hospital for observation.”

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