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Glow-Up Skin Tips:5 Best Wellness Resolutions to try right now for that glow-up

Wishing for your dream glow-up? Because of increasing pollution and other related things outside, it seems impossible nowadays to get a good glow-up. Most people nowadays try so many beauty and skincare products to achieve their dream glow-up, including fancy treatments, cleaners, and serums. Raise your hand if you’ve tried cleansing with scrubs, and peels off to tackle the pigmentation but end ups with irritation and breakouts.

Well, here we have the 5 wellness resolutions by beauty and skincare experts to try right now for the glow-up.

In the new trend of 2023, experts have suggested that everyone use products that are less aggressive and more nurturing. In a recent interview with the certified nutritionist and strength training coach Dr. Atchara Venkatraman Childbirth Educator suggested some best 5 wellness resolutions to try right now for that glow-up.

*1) Fat for glow-Up skin

For the maintenance of your skin health, there are multiple foods that you can eat but the most important one is so surprising—-and it’s not biotin or a vitamin. It’s fat! Yes!. It is most important for glowing skin. Basically, there are two types of most important Fats – Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-6 fatty acids prevent flaky skin by hydrating them because they are the building blocks of the cell membrane.Omega-3 fatty acids not only provide nourishment to your skin but also prevent softness to your complexion. So eat foods that are rich in Omega-3. Our traditional ghee is too rich in Omega-3, so the next time tries to take it in a good amount for a better glow-up.

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*2) Taking a Chill pill for glow-up skin

As we sleep our body recharges it. Overnight, our body repairs and restore mode and it restores the energy that is spent during the day. It removes toxins, damaged cells, and other harmful products that are bad for us. This is the main reason a night of good quality sleep is suggested for everyone because we look fresher and younger.

Using the techniques like meditation and conscious deep breathing, will not calm your body but will also make you feel more refreshed and relaxed than ever before. If you are taking proper sleep, meditating during the day, and resting after a certain period than the glow-up you will have is one of the best glow-up ever.

*3) Exercise and Work-Out for a glow-up skin

For achieving a glow-up, firstly we should start treating our skin in the same manner. Our skin is very important to us because it shows and represents our overall health, it shows how healthier we are. For having that glow-up skin, we should have to exercise. Because it will regulate the blood circulation in the body and if your circulation is good, then automatically your skin will look cleaner and healthier.

Exercising causes us to sweat and sweating aids in the removal of toxins from the body. It affects our mood too as it boosts it. You don’t have to stick to a tight schedule, just a normal workout is good for clean and glow-up skin.

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*4) Get a Skincare Routine for a better glow-up

Everyone wants clear and radiant skin. Makeup can only reduce skin-related issues like acne and pimple but it will not make our skin looks healthier.For getting skin that looks attractive from the outside, a skincare routine is a must. Wash your face regularly twice or thrice a day. You don’t have to go salon at regular intervals for glowing skin, just some basic care makes that. Basic steam and scrub can make a huge difference. Keep your skin as much as hydrated and moist so that it will not look dry and frizzled. Just try it for some days and you will see an improvement.

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*5) Mothers need Care Too for a better glow-up skin

After delivery, to get the glow-up skin, Dr suggested mothers should take care of their overall routine and diet. In that list drinking a sufficient amount of water is highly suggested. Take 8-9 glasses of water every day before nursing the infant. A balanced diet should be maintained, and avoid junk foods and foods that contain high sugars. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits, and nuts and take an adequate amount of sleep. It will help them naturally for better glow-up skin.

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