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Save the Dates January 11 and 12: GIS Summit to be Held Under Invest Madhya Pradesh

GIS Summit comes brings a yearly GSDP growth of more than 8% CAGR during the previous ten years, Madhya Pradesh, a state in the center of India, is one of the fastest-growing states. It is also the second-largest state by area. The administration of Madhya Pradesh has been working hard over the past ten years to transform the state into an industrial hub and to market it as a prospective location for investments and the agenda of the GIS Summit is to produce funds for the welfare of the state.

GIS Summit: State Progess in Road Development

In the last five years, the state government has invested more than $15.4 billion in support infrastructure. Large markets and significant metropolises like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are easily accessible from the state.

MP has a 230000 kilometer road network, and more than 550 trains go through the state each day. The state has aviation connections to all major metropolises. The state has created seven ICDs and is currently working on MMLPs to take advantage of its advantageous location and overcome the obstacles posed by a landlocked economy.

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