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Girls! Check Out These 8 Incredible Natural Makeup Removal Hacks

Girls! Check Out These 8 Incredible Natural Makeup Removal Hacks

After coming from a party, one of the most difficult tasks is removing makeup. Isn’t it? No matter how much makeup you wear it is very important to remove makeup before going to bed. While most of us love to apply makeup and spend a good amount of time putting makeup on face to perfect our look, however, we often avoid removing it after coming back from the party.

However, makeup removal is something that you should not afford to skip.  If you apply too much eye makeup and apply liquid lipsticks, then it must take time to remove these makeup essentials. In case you don’t have a remover at your home, don’t worry! 

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We bring you the simple ways to remove makeup off with the use of regular products that are easily available at home. 

Top 5 Natural Makeup Removal hacks

Try Oil:

Via: makeupandbeauty.com

One of the best products to use to remove makeup from your face is via oil. Take any oil olive or coconut to clean your face. Apply some drops on the cotton and swipe it on your face gently on lips and eye areas to remove make-up.

Petroleum jelly: 

Petroleum jelly
Via: amazonaws.com

Another simple way to remove stubborn makeup is via petroleum jelly. It assists dissolving foundation, eyeliner, and lipsticks and is extremely safe to use.

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Try baby oil: Simplest Makeup Removal Tip

baby Oil
Via: Fashion Lady

You can use johnson baby oil to take off makeup. Take a cotton ball, add a few drops of oil and wipe it on your face gently to remove the entire makeup. 


Via: shopify.com

If you don’t have petroleum jelly or home at your home, you can use a regular moisturizer to take off makeup. It works similarly to oil and is also safe to apply near eyes.

Once you have removed your makeup with cream, petroleum jelly or oil, do not avd to wash your face. You can use a face wash or cleanser to clean your face and moisturize it well.

Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera
Via: i.ytimg.com

Combine Aloe vera with any skin-norsing cream to remove all the makeup and impurities in your face. It will not only remove the makeup but also make your skin smooth and radiant.

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Via: wp.com

Remember times where people from Mughal to Cleopatra queens took milk baths?

For your information, Mik is highly known for its amazing health benefits. It is one of the most wonderful ingredients to use on skin. The protein and essential fats found in milk let our skin repair damaged cells and retain moisture. 

So, take a few drops of milk on a cotton pad and use it to wipe off the entire makeup.  To remove heavy make-up add almond oil in the milk to remove the makeup easily. This remedy not only removes the makeup but also refreshes your face.

These natural makeup removals hacks are easy yet effective. They keep your skin hydrated, repair damaged cells, which makes your skin glowing. 

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