‘Get ready for our surprise’: Pakistan warns India it will respond to airstrikes


Between the growing tension between India and Pakistan, Pakistan’s army has once again made big claims. Pakistani military spokesman Maj Gen Asif Gafoor has said that his fighter aircraft have bombarded many areas of India.

He said that our main objective was to prove to India that our army has a sense of humor. The Pakistani army is claiming that they have taken custody of two Indian pilots in their custody.

Pakistani army spokesman Asif Gafoor said that we had tried our strike in no way to harm. We had fixed 6 targets, after which we did strike. We have targeted in various areas including Bimmerjee. We just wanted to tell that we can do anything, but we are doing nothing for peace in the area.

They said that we want peace and do not want to fight. After Pakistan’s action, two Indian ships arrived at the LoC on the LoC, we targeted both of them. One is on the land of India and another falls on the land of Pakistan, two pilots have been arrested, one is injured and the other is in jail. Many papers have been received from them.


The Pakistani army has claimed that India has not dropped any F16, we did not use it in this operation. Asif Gafoor said that he could have targeted the targets and administrative offices of the Indian Army, but he did not do this.

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Let us tell you that this claim of Pakistan came when India had killed its F16. Our air force hit the airplane that had entered the Indian border and killed it. Significantly, Pakistan has been disturbed since the air strikes by India. India had penetrated the border of Pakistan and destroyed terrorist bases.