Dont Miss!! Watch the Magically Illuminated Sky Tonight: Gemenid Meteor Shower

meteor shower 2018

The sky is probably going to present magical wonders for you tonight! If you did, then yes, the Gemenid Meteor Shower is the perfect guess. Thursday and Friday have scheduled an amazingly illuminated show of green fireballs.

“The universe tonight is going to be lit beautifully with the “Gemenid Meteor Shower”. This blazing shower is said to be brought to the Earth’s Atmosphere every December. This year, the amazing time is recorded to be 13th and 14th December.

This phenomenon is said to be caused because of an asteroid named Paethon which was recorded for the first time in 1862”.

What is Gemenid Meteor?

meteor shower 2018

Discovered in October 1983, the meteor derived its name from a Greek myth about the Sun God and the Son of Helios. This was acceptable as it closely approaches the sun. Paethon is known to be the closest asteroid to the sun. It takes about 1.4 years for it to orbit the sun entirely.

Because of its closest approach to the sun, the asteroid tends to heat up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and is known to shed dusty debris. These particles cause a beautiful meteor shower as they enter the atmosphere of the earth.

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When to Watch It?

The evening would, of course, bring you the best views. According to the reports of NASA, the best time to view this meteor shower is supposed to be 2 A.M as per local time.

However, people living in urban or more populated areas may need to drive away far off to clear lands to have a perfect view of it. Since these falls would be taking place in the Northern Hemisphere, India would be getting the best views of it.

You can surely witness these amazing heavenly showers by reaching out to the best locations. Illuminated skies await your visit. This is going to be truly astounding!