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200 kgs Ganja Seized in Hyderabad: Story of Ganja That Travelled 900kms Just to Get Caught!!

Drug dealers transporting Ganja between states were caught red-handedly today. The case emerged after Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) and Langar House Police caught the drug racketeers at Attapur while transporting 200 kgs of Ganja.

Ganja Drug Convicts Busted in Hyderabad 

Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) has busted drug dealers carrying 200 kgs of drugs near Attapur. Two drug transporters who were natives of the East Godavari district met a drug dealer from Ranga Reddy district and planned to transport ganja from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad destined for Osmanabad, Maharashtra.

Pandu and Nagesh, natives of Sileru, Hyderabad approached truck driver C Srinivas Rao and cleaner Sathi Babu to transport the drugs. The drug peddlers offered the truck drivers Rs 1,20,000 per trip for transporting the ganja. The total cost of drugs was estimated to be around Rs 60 lakh.

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According to reports, truck driver C Srinivas modified his truck so that they can hide drugs from any investigation on the way. Truck driver Srinivas and cleaner Sathi Babu were to destined to transport 200 kgs of drugs from Rajamundry and deliver it to drug peddlers Mohd Habeeb and Parvez. According to the police, three mobiles and vehicles were also seized.

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