Future Homes On Moon And Mars To Be Made Of Fungi?

The future is often predicted on Moon and Mars by our scientists. Many researchers are trying to find the possibilities of leading a sustainable life on planets other than Earth. The availability of resources is a big question that people seek answers. The question of building concrete homes is not a good idea as the scientists have found a better and greener solution to this.

The research centre of NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration)– Ames Research Center in California is working on a mission to “grow” habitat on Mars and Moon. According to the research, the habitat will be grown out of fungi and other unseen grounds from fungi known as mycelia.


The projects aim to build a habitat out of lightweight material such as fungi that will be sustainable and easy to carry. Upon reaching the mars, moon or other places the fungi can be added water and allowed to grow. This thoughtful research will give birth to a fully grown and functional habitat on distant places from Earth.

A fungus is a group of microorganism that we have very often seen on our leftover salads or eatables.  The tiny threads inside a fungus are mycelia that form tough and complex structures. These tiny structures can be put into functional use that can be taken to Mars and Moon.

Life On Moon and Mars

Many expeditions are carried on Moon and Mars for researches. Building a habitat there just like Earth will help our astronauts spending a better time. The fungal mycelia breathe and give birth to cyanobacteria. This bacteria has an outer layer made up of water ice that uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. This will resolve the issue of oxygen that astronauts face on Moon and Mars.

Researcher Rothschild said- 

“When we design for space, we’re free to experiment with new ideas and materials with much more freedom than we would on Earth, And after these prototypes are designed for other worlds, we can bring them back to ours.”

The challenges are many that researchers will face but one thing they are clear about is to build a natural habitat. This will be a great success in the near future for further space discoveries.

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