Avocaderia is the world’s first avocado bar. It serves Avocado Toast, Avocado burgers , as well as Avocado smoothies. The bar is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Avocaderia uses a range of locally sourced, fresh ingredients their dishes. But Avocado is always the star.

Why Avocado’s?

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Avocaderia wants to “eliminate the compromise between healthy and tasty”.

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Avocados are packed with minerals and vitamins.

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They contain 250mg of potassium per serving, Plus they taste great on almost everything.

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Have a look at some fun facts about Avocados:

Natural packaging-

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They have natural packaging. Its thick skin protect them.  This makes Avocado perfect for travel.

Full of nutrition-


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Avocados are full of  flavors, nutrition.

They need love too-

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Avocado trees do not self fertilize; they require avocado tree nearby to bear fruit. Avocado is a symbol of love and fertility.