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From Coloring Animals To Throwing Balloons- Lets Pledge Not To Do These Things On Holi

The festival of colors is only a few hours away and like always people are excited about celebrations. However, some people take Holi celebrations on a whole different level. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then let’s read further.

Holi is a festival of colors and sweets. People apply Holi color on their relatives and fields face wishing for Holi. However, some people do all the wrong things in the name of Holi. They apply color to people forcefully, drive recklessly after getting drunk.

So, today let’s swear not to do the below-mentioned things this Holi that can harm or hurt others.

Spraying colors on stray animals


Throwing water balloons on random people


Burning substances that produce pollution in Holika Dahan


 Applying Holi color on anyone forcibly


Playing Holi with water


Driving recklessly


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Do not use grease or metallic colors

Metallic color

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So, promise to not play Holi in a way that may hurt the animals, humans and the environment. I wish you all a very Happy and Safe Holi!

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