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From Naxalite To Disco King, 7 Facts About Mithun Chakraborty You Didn’t Know

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind about Mithun Chakraborty? Probably the iconic song of the 90s, Jimmy Jimmy, Aaja Aaja that made everyone groove on the beat. The song is still a popular choice at dance parties and even Bollywood actors can’t stop mimicking his dance moves.

But, do you know Mithun Da has a massive fan following in Russia because of his ‘Disco Dancer’ movie? Surprised!

Here are more surprising facts about him that will make you say Whattt…

7 Surprising Facts About Mithun Chakraborty

1. A Naxalite Turned Actor

mithun chakraborty

Yes, you read it right. Many don’t know that Mithun was a Naxalite before he began his Bollywood career. It was the time of the 1960s when the young Mithun got influenced by the ideologies of Naxals and later joined it.

He was also very close to the popular Naxalite figure of that day, Ravi Ranjan. But he left the Naxalite after an incident whereby he lost his only brother.

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2. Debut With National Award-Winning Film

mithun chakraborty

Very few actors have got national awards for their debut movie and Mithun Chakraborty is one of them. Despite his dark complexion and Bengali accent, he got a chance to act in Bollywood movies. Mrinal Sen found him suitable for the role in Mrigaya.

The actor was awarded as Best Actor for his incredible performance in the movie. However, he had to struggle for a long to get lead roles even after that.

3. Mithun To Rana Rez

mithun chakraborty

Although the world knows him as Mithun, his real name is Gouranga but the actor changed his name to Rana Rez for some time. It was then when he was struggling to get roles and opt for modeling.

4. First To Reach 100 Cr. Club

disco dancer movie

Today, it’s not a big deal to reach the box office collection of 100 crore clubs but it was difficult for producers and actors back then. However, Mithun Da made it possible with his movie ‘Disco Dancer.’ It became the first movie to do so and gained huge popularity not only in Bollywood but worldwide.

The movie made him a superstar and dance icon for his song “Jimmy.” The 1982 movie was then very popular among Russians. They know him as Jimmy and even idolize him as a dancing star.

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5. Whirlwind Romance Of Mithun And Sridevi

mithun chakraborty and sridevi

Mithun and Sridevi have done several movies together such as Guru, Waqt Ki Awaaz, and so on. The two were a popular choice of producers because of their strong chemistry. However, this was not the only reason for the two being in limelight during the 80s.

There were rumors and controversies regarding the two being in a relationship. They allegedly got married in 1985 but separated within 3 years as per few sources.

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6. Unbreakable Record of Mithun Chakraborty

mithun chakraborty birthday

19 Films in Just One Year, that’s the unique record he holds and none of the superstars and actors have broken it to date.

7. Mithun Da As Superhero

mithun chakraborty facts

We have got the first superhero before Shaktiman or Hatim but he never made it to the comic world until 2008. Jimmy Zhingchak was the first comic ever made on a Bollywood actor. It was inspired by the iconic character of the movie Disco Dancer. The comic was even popular in the USA.

Undoubtedly, dancing has brought immense popularity to him and made him the Disco King of the 90s. Dance India Dance gave him a new title “Grand Master” and continues his legacy.

Bollywood has not got another Disco King yet even after having talented dancers and actors like Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff.

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