From Losing Job To Owning A Cafe : Story Of Revan Shinde

This is the story of 28-year-old Revan Shinde, who earned his livelihood through working as a security guard at an office in the outskirts of Pune. He lost his job in December 2019. But, he didn’t lose hope, and today, he has a prospering business. His journey is a true inspiration for chasing dreams.

‘Abhimanyu’ The Idea Of Change

Revan Shinde started his own business by providing tea and coffee to employees of corporate offices and banks. Surprisingly, he regularly supplies only one type of tea at 65 addresses. His ginger tea is most popular in his cafe.blank

He has named his startup Abhimanyu and earns a profit of Rs. 50,000 a month by delivering almost 600-700 cups of tea daily. He started this business in June 2020 by investing Rs. 15,000 when he realized that the office members are finding it difficult to find tea vendors near them.

The price of a cup of tea costs between Rs. 6 to Rs. 10. He has employed five people as well.

What Did Revan Do After Losing His Job?

When Revan lost his job as a security guard, he borrowed some funds from his friends and relatives and commenced a small cafe in Pune, but could not earn profit from it due to lockdown. It made him suffer a huge loss and he was left with no other option but to keep believing in himself. Everyone stopped believing in him but he did not stop moving forward.

The Idea Behind Commencing Abhimanyu 

Revan Shinde said in an interview that post covid office employees were facing problems as there were no tea suppliers available. When corporate employees started attending the offices again, it became tough for them to find tea houses nearby. He soon realized their needs and started his venture.blank

Initially, he started offering tea for free to office employees. He took all the necessary precautions for Covid-19 as well. In the beginning, no one accepted his offer but later he started receiving orders for tea in a substantial quantity. He even distributed various circular containing information about his details to customers and soon grew his business.  

Revan’s Journey From Abhimanyu To Cafe 18

Revan now owns a food outlet in Pune named Cafe 18, where he serves breakfast which is healthy and hygienic. With tea, he also serves sandwiches, idli, dosa, and vada at his cafe.blank

Revan said that many people are going through tough times due to this pandemic but people need to change with times. He believes that if you have a plan and aim then you need to work upon it. When one door closes, another opens.

Revan is a real example of achieving goals with dedication and determination.

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