From bikini to gowns, Despacito fame “Zulekya Rivera” looks sizzling hot in every outfit

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Do you remember the hot chick from “Despacito”? WEll, of course you guys as how can you forget the girl that make that video a superhit. Even after having billion views,

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it is still hitting the billboard charts and since then people want to know more and more about her. So, let’s start a photo gallery of beautiful Zulekya.

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The model is blessed with a sculpted body with a little dusky complexion. Her this hot pic in Bikini is enough to raise temperature around her. Off course she is having fun on the beach.

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Do you know that the model has won the title of Miss Puerto Rican in 2006 and crowned Miss Universe in the same year.

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She is looking stunning in this bikini that belongs to the Miss Puerto Rican. We just can’t get our eyes off from her.

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The greek goddess looking so happy after she crowned Miss universe.

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I don’t know how she manages to look that good in all her pictures but this one is killer.

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It looks like the model always like to chill on beach and off course her perfect body make everyone to have eyes on her.

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How can someone look so adorable all the time along with being sexy. This epic cute pic of her melts heart of every men.

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She knows perfectly as how to chill out on a yacht and still look gorgeous without any efforts.

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By seeing the above image, i think even sun is too hot for her. What do you say huhh?

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Damn that gown girl….. I want to know as how she always manage to look good in every dress.

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Well, wait here as we have more of her gown photos.

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She is chilling in red hot and her this image stole the heart of every men. I bet you can’t stop looking at this picture of her.

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There is only one word for this image “ wow” as she is looking like some mermaid who went out of water to see the world.

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I know it’s hard to control your sense but it think this one is hotter than this

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