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French Director Accuses Saaho Makers Of Stealing His Script? We Didn’t See That Coming!

So, in a never-ending custom, Indian filmmakers are once again blamed for stealing story off some other movie. This time Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor starrer action flick Saaho, took the fall, as a French Director Jerome Salle took to Twitter to advise its makers to at least cheat properly!

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Not to mention the fact that despite being criticized largely, Saaho got a fairly huge opening at Box-Office. However, soon after the movie’s release, Twitterati pointed out the similarities between Saaho and a 2008 French film Largo Winch.

Largo Winch
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French Director further spiced up the matter with his Tweets.

He mocked the makers for not doing a neat job of stealing the script! Jerome, you beauty!

Jerome Salle
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Interesting fact: This is not the first time Saaho makers are being accused of plagiarism. The film’s posters have allegedly been ‘copied’ from various sources, in the past, with the current being an artist Shilo Shiv’s work. 

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Where does inspiration come from? What (sacred) wells do we drink from when we create from an original and authentic space? This week people from across the world gather back together in that dust @burningman and I am reminded of how much of my creation comes from my (beating) heart. Pulse and bloom is a biofeedback installation that reacts to people’s heartbeats, and it came to exist because of a series of personal relationships. It was born from love (like me). We had support from @burningman but we also pulled out of our own pockets to make it manifest. I left my home for the first time, moved to another country, went out into that desert. It cost me a heart. It was a gift, and a sacrifice for all of us involved, and changed the paths of all our lifelines. I’m quite certain it was intended for me to create this installation. I’m certain that the sand storms, the dust, the rose-pink clouds, the thunderstorms gathered around it intentionally, for me. What happens when that story gets taken without your permission? I am known by my creation. #pulseandbloom @rd108 @sabarani @lukeiseman @heatheraminastewart @samuelclay with a team of hearts @_gracenotes @jugularbean @vivek_chockalingam @brittanyjanis @_zenrabbit @mattmedved and more. Burningman 2014

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Damn, the makers of Saaho were sure on a roll!

Anyway, we still haven’t heard from the directors on these allegations. Hope they have a fair, unplagiarized story to say in their defence. Pun Intended!  

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Remember in school, what our super cool teachers used to say to us in the examination hall?  

“Nakal Ke Liye Bhi Akal Ki Zarurat Padti Hai!”

Guess Saaho makers didn’t have those ‘super cool’ teachers!

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