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Freak! A West Bengal Resident Issued Voter ID With A Dog’s Photo On It

In a shocking incident, a West Bengal resident Sunil Karmakar voter Id photo was replaced with a Dog’s image on it.

The person’s name is Sunil Karmakar, he is 64- year-old lives in Murshidabad district village. The man said,

“My identity card had come in a few days ago. But there were some mistakes in that, which I applied for improvement. When a new card arrived on Tuesday, a picture of the dog was found instead of my photo in it.”

“Yesterday I was called at Dulal Smriti School and this voter ID card was given to me. I saw the photo. The officer there signed and gave it to me but he didn’t see the photo. This is playing with my dignity. I will go to the Block Development Officer (BDO) office and request that this should not happen again,

Sunil told to media.

Sunil felt insulted and decided to file a complaint against the Election Commission of India.

He said that this mistake had been made purposely on his new voter ID card, in order to humiliate him. As people who saw his ID card had made fun of him, thus he decided to drag the Election Commission Of India to the court.

Watch His Views On This Incident:

A government official involved in correcting the voter’s id card said that the mistake was spotted earlier. However, he had no clue how it remained unchanged.

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He said,

“We noticed the dog’s picture after the publication of the draft voters’ list. I rushed to Karmakar’s residence and brought back a picture of the man. But I am clueless as to how the card got printed with the dog’s photo anyway”.

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The block development officer said,

He will be given a new voter ID card in April. Meanwhile, government employees involved in the process are being asked to show cause,”

Chakraborty said.

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