Food Combinations That Sound Weird But Are Tasty

Indian food is one of the most famous foods in the world. Be it simple rice, dal or roti, we Indians, are possessive for our food. More than loving traditional food, we also love to make new and unique experiments with it.

Moreover, we mix some western and delicious ingredients and flavors to our recipe to make it more popular and delicious. From indo-western food to desi Chinese combinations, we have good knowledge of how to care for taste buds. 

So, if you are also passionate about doing new experiments with your food, then here you can find some delicious and weird food combinations that look awkward to put together but have a heavenly taste. Let’s a look at what these combinations are:

Chinese Bhel:

Chinese Bhel

As Indians, we love desi Chinese and have found some tasty and brand new recipes too. So, the new experiment is Chinese Bhel. For making this bhel, first, take deep-fried noodles and then mix some finely chopped onions, tomato, chilly and other veggies along with garlic paste and chili sauce. It’s a great snack for people who love to eat spicy food. 

Chicken Samosa:

Chicken Samosa

The peas and potato filling first comes in our mind when we talk about samosa. However, samosa is considered as the most favorite tea-time snack of India, and now it’s time to give slight change by mixing some chicken into it. Sounds not good? Well, the chicken filling into the samosa is anything now that is very popular and easy to make. 

Motichoor Cheesecake:

Motichoor Cheesecake

This one is the most famous, latest and mouth-watering block. Cheesecake, in itself, is very delicious and lip-smackingly tasty. So, adding it with our desi famous laddoo is the best combination ever. The crunchy biscuit-base and softness of the cheese infused with motichoor are the best for a delicious dessert.

Nutella Paratha:

Nutella Paratha

When we talk about paratha, gobhi paratha and aloo paratha first comes to mind. It’s one of the popular breakfast dishes that’s prepared in many households. So, if you are also a paratha lover, then you should try Nutella paratha. It’s filled with chocolate and considered a perfect dessert. You can also eat this paratha for breakfast.

Manchurian Khakhra:

The days have gone when only Gujaratis eat khakhra. Now it has become popular all over the world and is eaten as a tea-time snack. Right from plain khakhra to methi khakhra there are plenty of flavors that you can choose from. But one entirely outstanding combination is Manchurian khakhra. It contains Chinese touch combined, which makes khakhra more delicious and better.

 So, which one weird food combinations do you try?

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