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No Foldable iPad in 2024, 20.5-Inch Foldable Notebook Launch Confirmed!!

Apple has delayed the launch of the Foldable iPad, the information was leaked by Apple leaker Mark Gurman. Mark said that the newer version of the iPad have OLED displays and “spec bumps”. The new iPad will have a 10.9-inch display. He didn’t mention any detail on the foldable iPad or anything related to the previously hyped carbon fiber kickstand.

Apple Foldable Notebook

Apple is working on an All-screen foldable Notebook with a 20.5-inch display. The information was shared by Tech analyst Ross Young.

The dual-display design will differ from current Mac notebooks that are foldable, as those machines have a single display paired with a keyboard and trackpad. It’s unclear whether the 20-inch foldable will be positioned as an iPad, Mac, or something new entirely, but so far multiple sources think 2024 is too early for any kind of foldable. Ross Young said that he is expecting the launch of 20.5-inch notebook with foldable feature in the year 2025.

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Confusion on Foldable iPad Release

TF Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first claimed the release of iPad with foldable feature but then well known analysts Mark Gurman and Ross Young denied to the claims and stated that they haven’t heard of launch of any such product in 2024.

Analysts have recently revealed that 2023 will be a “light year” for the iPad and Apple Watch lineup. The new iPad and iPad mini will feature OLED display and will launch with various specifications bump. The all new iPad industry will enhance the shipments service. However, the delay in the release of foldable iPad will adversely affect the business for the company.

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