Bengaluru’s Newest Restaurant Lets You Dine In The Sky!


    To add a twist to the simple dining experience, Bengaluru has got in a unique restaurant that let you Dine in the sky high, really high.

    A restaurant in Bengaluru has set up one of the world’s most adventurous and exceptional dining experiences, fly dining. The restaurant serves food in the sky to give an adrenalin-flying experience.

    One can experience an on-air dinner as the restaurant hangs above at a height of 120 feet above the floor. Fly Dining is a rising trend all around the world.

    In fact, it has been ranked among the world’s top 10 unique dining restaurants by Forbes Magazine.

    Location of Fly Dining Restaurant

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    The dining place is located at House of Life, Bangalore and the city has become the first in the country to give the incredible experience. The restaurant experts operate a crane to raise the table up to the top.

    Each crane accommodates 22 people and a staff of 4 people to manage them. It provides an amazing aerial view of Bengaluru’s beauty to the visitors while they enjoy their meal.

    Additionally, the restaurant is extremely safe to use the service as the deck is protected with three belts that are attached to the chairs.

    People can book the entire table or individual spot in advance to use the service.

    Fly dining serves:

    dine in the sky
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    A set menu is served at Fly Dining and the meal is not cooked live. For lunch and dinner, there’re croquettes and bruschetta, grilled chicken, herbed rice with sauteed vegetables; a mocktail and a fruit bowl.

    Additionally, there are various entertainment activities like games, press-conference, events and talk shows to accompany you with your dinner in the sky.

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    Who all are not allowed to experience Dine in the sky?

    dine in fly line
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    Children below 13-15 years and pregnant ladies are restricted from going onto the flying deck. There are no weight exceptions but a minimum of 4 feet 5-inch height is needed to experience the pleasure at fly dining.

    Costs at Fly dining:

    Bengaluru fly dining lets you reserve the individual seats or the entire deck in advance. A mocktail session is fixed at Rs 3,999 per head while dinner charges are Rs 6,999 per head.

    Isn’t this an incredible experience? Decks are now available for booking, book your mocktail table/dinner & enjoy your food with your loved ones, cherishing the spectacular view.