Flying cars to arrive in five years, says Intel drone chief

flying cars

Flying cars: The next big thing in transportation is the possibility of autonomous flying cars. And if goes according to the saying of Intel’s drone chief, Anil Nanduri, then we can see the flying cars as early in the next five years.

As per the latest technology news, in an exclusive interview with Nanduri, he talked about the future of technology with flying cars as the most exact innovation. While the flying cars won’t be available at scale, but as per the belief of Nanduri, it surely will start showing up in the sky.

Today, drones are proving to be useful for the purposes of entertainment, inspections, and also home delivery of goods. Based on similar independent technology, Nanduri expects autonomous air traffic to solve the three-dimensional challenge of ground traffic. In the next ten years, he believes that there can be flying cabs to unchoke city’s roads.

Even as there are a number of benefits of moving some of the on-road traffic to the sky, there are plenty of concerns as well, including safety and comfort.

Even there are many benefits to taking some on-road traffic to the sky, as well as many concerns, including safety and comfort.

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Nanduri said that the advantages of autonomous driving techniques and flying cars are much beyond than obstacles. As an example, he explained that the cost of placing cars in the sky is less than putting them inside underground tunnels.