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Finally! People Bid Farewell To Internet Explorer With These Hilarious Memes

No doubt, internet has made our lives a whole easier and comfortable.  It has opened different horizons for us to make new friends, boost out knowledge and know about the unexplored things in the world.

When we welcomes internet in our lives, at that time Internet explored used to play an vital part. But with the passage of time, new and more advanced browsers came into the market and left Internet explorer behind.

The company has said that it will end support for Internet Explorer from August 17, 2021, onwards. This means that after August 17, 2021, the browser will stop working on Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook, and others

You will find tons of memes on internet explorer because of its slow-functioning.  Now, that the Microsoft decided to shut down Internet Explorer, it has given a chance to meme lovers and creators to make some hilarious memes.

Check Out The Hilarious Memes:

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We may make jokes and memes on IE and enjoy but it won’t be wrong to say that its shut down will certainly bring an end to an era.

No matter how many memes have been created so far on Internet Explorer, deep inside we all will miss it as it bring an end to an era.

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