Sanjay Leela Bhansali suffered a lot from the beginning of shooting of ‘Padmavaat’ . … but after so strong protests, not only did Bhansali release the film but his film is also making tremendous earnings. Now again, the film is in discussion due to Swara Bhaskar’s ‘Controversial Open Letter’. In this conversation Bhansali broke his silence and spoke on many issues …

Q-Do you feel like you have fought a war in the past?


Yes, of course. As a filmmaker I was injured, scared and beat me, but despite this, I kept my dignity and kept my faith in God. Struggles are part of life and that makes us stronger. When someone questions your passion and commitment, then you should answer with full force. When something goes wrong with you then you realize how much strength is within you, and anyway people also lift the finger on the Taj Mahal, then what is the matter.

 Q-Struggle was fine but it did not go beyond the extent of insanity?

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Whenever I protest or protest against my opinion, it should only be accepted unless it is done with sarcasm. I tried to convince them repeatedly that there is nothing like this in the film that hurt your honor and pride but they were not ready to listen. After this I stopped speaking. I had to pay attention to a film on which we all can be proud. I also had the option of fighting but I chose the path of keeping quiet.

This was the biggest test of my life, because I was getting threats on the phone continuously and I was trying to put my full attention on my film. We also went through that syction, often scared that somebody was following us.

Q-Ever felt that you have chosen the wrong subject?

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No, no matter who likes it or not, we made a film which we believed. You can not remain careful about your subject, people protest against the comedy movie.

I hope no other director will go through this kind of situation so I have passed. In the history of Hindi cinema, till now no attack on any director was set up. I made the film after passing most of these and after going ahead I will make more strong films.

Q-What about your letter about Swara Bhaskar?

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Everyone has the right to have their opinions. Freedom of Expression is important but timing can be wrong. This story is 700 years old. I did this because I received inspiration from it. In a war, women prefer to enter fire instead of being victim of tampering.

They did the same as compelled them to do the Situation. By doing so they feel that they defeated the enemy. What Swara wrote in the letter is fine but I do not think he is talking about what I have done.

‘My question should be part of National Discussion’ Said Swara Bhaskar

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Swaraj Bhaskar, who has been hit by all the industry’s people for his open letter, is still on his stand. She says, “Since the debate over the film began, I have been standing with the team of Bhansali and ‘Padmaavat’ regardless of Kerni Sena. Whatever questions raised in my mind after watching the movie, I just got them The questions have been put forward and Bhansali ji has asked for answers. I think there should be debate and discussion, the purpose of art is debatable. The debate on this issue is also important because the reason behind this film is only There have been debates on all issues, I wanted my questions to be part of the National Discussion. “