Amazing list of stars who were teachers before their career in Film Industry


Day by day you are learning something new and getting better. So, I decided to let you know about the Celebrities who, at one point of time have worked as a Teacher and taught many of us to live a better life. Here is the list of celebrities who were teachers before they joined the Acting industry. The list is surely going to amaze you:

Akshay Kumar:

Before entering in the Bollywood industry, the Khiladi once taught students Martial arts in Mumbai.

Hugh Jackman:

Hugh Jackman, The ‘wolverine, briefly taught physical education in 1987 at England’s Uppingham School before he entered in his Hollywood career.

Sylvester Stallone:

The action star Sylvester also worked as a physical education teacher in the 1960s when he was studying at the American College of Switzerland.

Nandita Das:

She is popular for her powerhouse performances in her Bollywood career. She was also a teacher at one point in her life before joining the career in Bollywood.


Sting is a very popular musician who before taught in England for around two years before his music career. Launching.

Dan Brown:

He was once a Spanish and English professor. Now became a popular American author.

Balraj Sahni:

Balraj Sahni was a Hindi and English teacher before he began his career in Industry.

Tom Alter:

Actor Tom Alter was a coach of a cricket team in a school in Haryana, before taking part in films.

Kader Khan:

Kader Khan was a famous Actor, script writer, comedian, as well as director of Hindi Cinema. He taught Engineering at M.H saboo Siddik College, in Mumbai.

Art Garfunkel:


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