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Fight Against Coronavirus: Bollywood Stars Unite For This Awareness Video

The lack of social distancing and awareness among the people is making the situation even tenser in India. Govt advisories have been issued and PM Modi appealed for a Janta Curfew on March 22.

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Amid the chaos, there is a need to make people aware of the preventive measures for which the biggest Bollywood stars have come together and formed this video.

The situation should not get worse and to flatten the pandemic curve govt of Maharashtra along with Bollywood stars have released an awareness video.

In the video, you can see Bollywood celebs suggesting precautions that one should take. Prevention will help to spread the virus and will be beneficial for your and others’ health as well.

Preventions such as washing hands, sanitizing them and covering face while sneezing and coughing were some of the measures mentioned in the video.

Children and elderly people are vulnerable to the disease and therefore should stay at home. Unnecessary travel and hospital visits should be avoided.

Govt advisories should be followed and proper preventive measures should be taken.

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