Few Things You Do That Are Ruining Your Nails

Nails make your fingers look very beautiful. For every girl, nails are their prized possessions. We all try different nail art designs and colours to make our nails look attractive and clean.

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However, there are some things that you do unknowingly that are ruining your nails.

Let Us Know Them And Save Our Nails From THe Torture We Were Doing

1. Don’t Keep The Same Nail Polish For Too Long

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Keeping nail polish on your bails definitely makes them look more pretty. But it can be harmful to keep the same nail polish for days. Nail polish can go deep in the nails making them pigmented. Also applying nail polish back to back on hands and feet can make your nails weak. It is better to leave your nails bank so that they can breathe.

2. Use Gloves While Washing

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While doing your household work with hands dipped in the soap makes your hands and nails dry. The dishwashing powder and detergents are very hard leaving your nails dry. It is better to use gloves while doing household and washing work.

3. Use Gloves In Winter

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Winter makes your scalp, skin and nails very dry. Whenever you go out in winter, keep your hands covered with gloves. Also, apply a hand cream from time to time before going out and after washing your hands.

4. Use Nails As Tools

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We often use nails to open can and do many things. You also use naus to scratch the tape and unscrew a nail. Using nails as a tool can make them weak and also break them.

5. Keep Them Clean 

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It is very important to keep your nails clean and hygienic. Maintaining nails with good hygiene is the basic thing you should do if you have long nails.

Pretty nails are everyone’s dream and you need to take care of them by following these simple tips.

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