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Fashion Essentials That Never Go Out Of Style!

Trends, they come and go but some things are timeless.
Have you ever noticed that your favourite fashion bloggers or actors look fashionable with just some basic clothes that they have worn over the years and yet those clothes never go out of style?

Are you thinking of updating your wardrobe and want to add some timeless essentials, here are some ideas!

A Classic Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
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A classic blue denim jacket can do wonders to your plain outfit and is perfect for any weather. You can layer your clothes with it, wear it with your basic tees or just as an overcoat with your maxi dresses. They look good and are always in trend.

Nude Pumps

Whether you are wearing jeans or an expensive dress they go with everything. You don’t have to spend your money on buying so many different colour heels to match your outfit when you have your matching nude shade pumps.

Your Little Black Dress

LBDs are timeless. This is a piece of clothing each one of us owns because there’s no way an LBD can go wrong. It’s a perfect dress to show those sexy curves and to feel confident instantly and is perfect for dates and parties.
Just add some accessories or pair it with a leather jacket and you are good to go!

A Fitting Pair Of Jeans

Every woman should have that one pair of jeans that fit them perfectly. I’m not talking about the “the sisterhood of travelling pants” magical jeans but classic boyfriend jeans would go with almost every top and blouse you have and is pretty comfortable to wear on casual outings.

Basic Tees

You can always choose to have a lot of tees in different colours. You can layer them and wear them with your denim jacket and jeans. You can also wear them with your shorts and skirts to create a perfect casual and work outfit.

Leather Jacket

This is the one item in your wardrobe that you’ll wear a lot! It makes you look edgy and sharp. It will add that badass glam factor to your outfit and will earn you fashion points.

Black And White Cami Tops

They are versatile and you can layer them with different jackets or blazers.
They give you a more feminine look compared to t-shirts and don’t show much cleavage. They are lightweight and you can dress them up or down according to your choice.

A Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Fashion can never be completed without accessories and sunglasses are a must-have. Choose a frame that looks good on your face cut and select from the classic styles instead of trending ones. It’s better to invest your money on one good pair of sunglasses rather than buying a lot of cheap trendy ones.

These fashion essentials will surely make your look more fashionable and you can wear them on more than one occasion by layering them with different options.
Happy shopping!

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