Super Proud Facts of Elections That are Rarest In The World

election facts

10 Interesting And Kickass Facts About Elections!

1. Some Republicans in the United States felt that weekend voting will get more minority and urban voters to the polls to elect and vote for Democrats. Consequently, they have opposed moving Election Day from a Tuesday to a weekend.

2. A brand of anti-chafing foot powder had won a 1967 mayoral election in Picoaza, Ecuador. The foot powder company declared their product would bring “well-being and hygiene” to the 4,000 townspeople.

3. During the 1988 Mexican general election, the government took that all the computers had clashed when the rebel party was noted to be winning. After the reboot, the government’s party was “remarkably” ahead.

4. During the 1876 United States presidential election, Democrats complained of intimidating voters, so in revenge, Republicans threw away wide swathes of ballots, allowing Republican Rutherford Hayes the triumph.

5. The 1927 general election in Liberia is noted as the most corrupt election in history. Charles D. B. King, who was pursuing a third term as president, won around 234,000 votes to his rival’s 9,000. But, there were only 15,000 eligible citizens or voters in the country at the moment.


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6. In 1964, Haitian dictator Papa Doc asked to be voted as “President for Life” and won 99.9% of the vote. All the election  ballots were pre-marked “yes.”

7. Up until 2012, it was unlawful in South Carolina to procure alcohol on Election Day.

8. Before 1948, university graduates and corporation owners in the United Kingdom were obliged to drop more than one ballot,  offering more elite social groups an electoral benefit.

9. In ancient Sparta, the state assembly would vote by screaming. The party who screamed the loudest would win the position. Aristotle called the practice “childish.”

10. In Africa, around 45% of people surveyed reported that voters are consistently or sometimes threatened with cruelty on election day.

11. About 20% or 168 million will be eligible to vote for the initial time. You have to be at least 18 years old to be qualified to vote in India.