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Facial Massage-How To Do It At Home?

We know that there are plenty of ways to relax and rejuvenate your facial skin. But a facial massage is a great and inexpensive way to rejuvenate facial muscles and skin. It also helps in relieving stress and lifts your mood. However, due to busy schedules, most of us are unable to visit a spa or salon every week to get a facial massage.

That doesn’t have to be a reason to worry because you can give yourself a salon-like facial massage at home. In this post, we have discussed easy and effective steps and techniques to do a facial massage like a pro at home. Let’s look at the ways to treat yourself.

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Step By Step Guide To Do A Facial Massage At Home:

Do these things before you start:

1. First, use a mild cleanser to clean your face. Before you start massaging, your skin should not have any makeup or beauty products.

2. Select a facial oil that suits your skin. For example, pick marula, almond, or argan oils for dry skin. Pick jojoba oil for oily skin. Pick rosehip seed oil for acne-prone skin and for sensitive skin, use moringa or aloe vera oils.

3. You may also opt for a good quality moisturizer cream if you do not like to use oil.

4. Last but not least, don’t forget to wash your hands properly.

5. Moreover, if you don’t like to use your fingers, then you can opt for a jade roller or face roller for massaging.

Follow these steps, once you have put the facial cream or oil on your face.

  • Use the fingers on your forehead to start massaging. Also, use sweeping motions to elongate and relax the lymphatic system and muscles.
  • Then, massage the eye area by keeping the tips of your index and middle finger on your temples. Slightly move the fingers under your eye area.
  • After that, put your fingers on your cheeks and move it softly across your cheeks.  Repeat the process for five minutes.
  • Now, massage the mouth area with your middle and index fingers (both hands). Then, keep the finger on the area of your mouth and gently pull and press the fingers towards the nose and ears. Repeat the process for five minutes.

When you perform all these steps, keep your palms on your face and softly press while taking a breath. This will lift your mood and help you relax.

The steps and techniques that we mentioned above are very simple and effective. Moreover, these are easy to follow and give you plenty of benefits as well.

Pros Of Facial Massage:

Helps Maintain Blood Flow:


So many studies show that massaging your face for just 10 minutes improved blood flow in the facial skin. Moreover, it found that regularly massaging for 4-5 weeks could increase blood flow and dilate blood vessels.

Helps Reduce Stress:


Skin experts believed that having 40 minutes facial massage could eliminate psychological stress improving the sympathetic nervous system that directs the good or bad response of your body. So, facial massage helps boost your mood and reduce anxiety.

Headache is the most common side effect of everyday life and stress. No matter you experience cluster headaches, headaches, or tension, a facial massage can help. You can perform a short facial massage by gently rubbing on the various pressure points. It not only helps to relieve stress but also relieve the symptoms of headaches and headaches. Moreover, every day massaging a face for 5 minutes can also help decrease the frequency of your headaches.

Anti-Aging Benefits:


Studies show that having a massage regularly on the face could make changes in skin structure. That’s because it makes your skin young and anti-aging.

Get The Blood Flowing:


There are so many external factors such as smoking, pollution, and dirt that can take a toll on your beautiful skin. Not only these factors but improper sleep and always wearing makeup can open your pores and decrease the circulation in your facial skin. That’s why your skin starts to look pale and puffy. So, for this, facial massage is best for your skin as it can flush out excessive dirt, fluids from your skin. Facial massage can also boost the flow of both oxygenated nutrients and blood.

Facial massages are very simple and comfortable to do. With some proper techniques and steps, anyone can do it at home. So, here are some extra tips that help you to make your skin more relaxed and aging-free.

Additional Tips For Facial Massage:

  • It is considered that massaging tools are the best to increase your facial experience. So, you should use a massaging tool if you are a beginner. You can find numerous massaging tools in the market. Hence, the steps remain the same, and only you need to use a tool instead of your knuckles and fingers.
  • Never avoid the neck as it also needs equal attention and care, just like the skin. So for this, extend the motions to your chest and neck area whenever you are massaging your face.
  • In your facial care routine, adding -aging cream will help to reduce fine lines, boost your skin health, and delay other aging signs.
  • Exfoliate your skin before massaging as it helps your skin absorb the moisturizers or oils better.
  • It would be best to do a massage in the evening as it helps your skin absorb the facial creams overnight.
  • You may skip or add the massaging techniques according to your comfort level and experience. Everyday massage can give you a glowing and healthy skin. So, try to add facial massage in your skincare routine and enjoy its benefits!

Hopefully, this post will help you to know how to do facial massage at home? What are the benefits of facial massage and extra tips? So, try this at home and get a flawless skin.

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