See how you can manually turn on Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger


Dark Mode is a renowned theme for online platforms and apps. And now, it seems that Facebook is also ready to increase the capacity of its Messenger platform.

Since the feature has not been officially released, so there’s a trick to enable Dark Mode. Folks at Android Police have discovered a new path to turn on Dark Mode. And this is how it works.

To turn on the dark mode, you have to send someone a crescent moon emoji. You can send it yourself too. You have to tap through the upcoming popup menu.

Some users had to double-tap Moon Emoji, while others had to restart Messenger to unlock mode.

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Once the Dark mode is enabled, switch to your profile page in the app and you will find the option to turn the mode on.

This feature was on a high-request but was tested in only a few countries. As it is still in progress, not all Android users will see it. The trick is currently working on iOS.