Facebook took three years to take action against fake news in this country

facebook fake news

Moldova, which is considered one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Europe, did not make it to the list of Facebook false news regions and misinformation for three years.

Developers in Moldova told one of the sources that it took them three years to report to the social networking giant about the threat of misinformation and fake news before taking some real action by the company.

Developers used a browser add-on called Trolless to create a database of fake accounts and used Facebook’s official reporting tool to attract attention.

This was an opportunity contact with a Facebook employee in January 2019, which in February affected its decision to remove offenders, including 168 fake accounts, 28 pages, and 8 Instagram accounts.

This incident is a sign of how difficult it is to attract Facebook’s attention to smaller markets for something as disturbing as fake news and misinformation. Also, the Moldovan incident is not the only case.

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The co-founder of Hoaxbuster, Guillaume Brossard, a French misinformation center that’s been in action since 2000 faced similar issues. Brossard mentioned that it’s impossible to acquire Facebook’s attention unless you are one of the company’s official in-country partners to identify and remove fake or false news or profiles.