Facebook bug shows scary search suggestions


If you are using the Search Tool of Facebook, try not to worry about the suggestions that the social networking service will show you. Thanks to the bug, Facebook is showing inappropriate search suggestions.

Inti De Ceukelaire, a Belgian security researcher discovered that if you search for the ‘photos of my female friends’ in the main Facebook search box, you will actually be shown a collection of photos of women you are friends with on Facebook.

However, when you search the same for male friends, you are shown a bunch of random images who are not your friends.

Nevertheless, as per the latest technology news, some sources did its own search and found the same suggestions.

More interesting was, the first automatically suggested questioning was ‘photos of my female friends in bikinis’, along with ‘photos of female friends at the beach’.

Facebook asserted that it’s working on the problem for ‘female friends in bikinis’ suggestion.

The support details out that the list of suggestions is not based on your search history but is based on popular searches on Facebook, known as search predictions.