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Eyebrow Embroidery: A Long-Lasting Solution To Thin Brows

Microblading/Eyebrow embroidery, the term seems like a method of decorating brows, isn’t it? Well, you are partially correct but no pearls or jewels are used here. It is a way to enhance your brow’s beauty by making them look thicker and fuller. Threading is a common method but eyebrow embroidery is long-lasting, semi-permanent, and good for those with bare brows.

The technique is a new trend in the beauty world and celebs like Megan Fox, Adele, Mandy Moore, and many more have opted for micro-blading. Micro-blading is just another term for eyebrow embroidery and also known by different names such as eyebrow tattooing, 3D brows, or pigment embroidery.

Whatever you call, you can be sure of getting beautiful and thick brows. Read further to know what this unique process is?

Cosmetic Tattooing/Eyebrow Embroidery

eyebrow embroidery

As the name suggests, it is a tattooing technique however completely different from that tattoo artists do. The artists use thin tiny needles or blades on the skin’s surface to create the hairlines and shape your eyebrow as per desire.

The artists will create as many hair strokes as needed to give natural volume to your brows. Seems simple but the process is difficult and requires precision. And if you think it’s not at all painful, you are wrong.

In comparison with threading, micro-blading or eyebrow embroidery leaves redness, scabs, and inflamed skin due to small cuts made on the skin that can irritate and inflame the skin. These cuts are then filled with pigments matching your skin tone. This is the reason why it is also called eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow pigmentation.

Before and After Microblading Results

The results are absolutely impressive but proper pre-planning is required to make your brows look naturally filled.

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Micro-blading/3D Brows Treatment

Your instructor will ask you to limit sun exposure and wax your brows few days prior to treatment. Not full wax; simply remove the non-aligned hair so that beauty artists can do their job easily.


If you are not sure about it, leave the task to experts. Apart from this, make sure your skin is well-hydrated before and after the microblading.

Opposite to threading which takes hardly 10 minutes, eyebrow embroidery takes 2-3 hours including the preparation. Moreover, it is going to hurt a bit but if your artist is using a numb cream then the pain would be less than usual.

And if done properly, you can flaunt the thicker brows for a year and two. No, we ain’t kidding but you have to undergo multiple sessions of cosmetic tattooing.

Any Side Effects or Risks

eyebrow embroidery

It is obvious to have a concern about eyebrow embroidery because the process involves the use of tattoo ink and blades. So, the risk of infection is always there but if proper hygiene is ensured then it can be minimized.

Prefer a salon where all safety measures are followed. Make sure they use disposable needles, sterilized tools, wipes, gloves, and consider your skin condition before treatment.

If you have hair loss issues like alopecia, eyebrow embroidery is your secret to have beautiful brows. Taking a doctor’s permission is, however, recommended before booking an appointment for cosmetic tattooing.

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