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Explore Shades of Life @ Maldives

Seeking a perfect getaway from the chaos and anxiety of life! Wish to spend leisure time with your loved one! Then it’s time for you to pack your bags and head to the land of pristine white sandy beaches- Maldives.

Live the vacation of your dreams by soaking yourself in the sun or dive deep into the sea and witness the marine life. Whether you wish to unleash romance or experience adventure, these places to visit in the Maldives will serve you all.

Let’s Explore The Land Of Beaches- Maldives 


Maldives the tropical paradise lies in the Indian Ocean sheltering 1,192 coral islands. The archipelago is popularly known for its pristine white sandy beaches, blooming reef fishes, crystalline lagoons, palm-fringed islands, and lavish water villas.

The country is packed is with a plethora of world-class attraction which pledges to lure everyone from honeymooners to leisure travelers.

The island has one thing or the other for all sorts of travel lovers from shopaholics to adventure seekers. The best places to visit in the Maldives are HP Reef and Banana Reef; Mulee’age Palace and National Museum offer an insight into the glorious past of the Maldives.

While the Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre are some of the best places to visit in the Maldives. Majeedhee Magu and STO Trade Centre make for amazing shopping destinations. One can experience various shades of life at this archipelago.

Unleash the Romance in the Air

diving destination

The Maldives tops the list of people for a romantic getaway. Be it is your honeymoon or minimoon to rejuvenate the spark in your love life, the land of beaches is your ideal destination.

There is no better place for romance, where all the ingredients for love come together in perfect harmony. Where you commit or recommit to each other to love and to cherish for the rest of your lives.

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Be it having those romantic breakfast dates soaked in water or cuddling at the pool looking at the beautiful stretch of ocean everything in the surrounding is a love spell.

Tread the soft white sands of the beach as you walk hand in hand, feeling the breeze and gentle waves with the rustic sound of palms as the background score while you leave footsteps behind, as you color the dreams of your life ahead.

Explore Luxuries at the Maldives 

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The Maldives is majorly about exploring the luxurious vacay. So for a luxurious stay, one can opt from clublike resorts to chic boutique resorts, from those which offer family fun to those that are exclusive to adults.

Choose one that suits your style from the various options available. A villa over the water looking out on the horizon, a bungalow nestled in the lush green backdrop, or a resort showcasing the opulence. Whatever you choose for your stay one thing you cannot evade is the sense of romance.

If you are seeking extreme luxury then water villas are perfect for your stay. But apart from that their many hotels available on a budget that will surely not make a hole in your pocket. So you can surely opt for a stay on a local island.

If you are a water person and do not want to miss any moment of being surrounded by water then Liveaboards can be your stay as they offer the opportunity to see more of the Maldives. Liveaboards offer dedicated to surf and dive cruises or you can choose one for a leisurely cruise to various atolls.

Unleash The Optimum Fun At Maldives 

Diving destination

The country has a lot to offer for every tourist. Whether you are an adventure junky or wish to revive the romance in you and your life; this place has everything to help you. These adventure activities will keep your adrenaline rush flowing:

  1. Snorkeling and catamaran sailing on Bandos Island
  2. water skiing,
  3. fun tube,
  4. kayaking,
  5. banana boat towing,
  6. wakeboarding,
  7. jet ski tours,
  8. parasailing,
  9. windsurfing,
  10. kitesurfing and kneeboarding

This island country, considered as the romantic paradise for the romance seekers provides a lot to get you and your darling a little closer. Apart from the walk on the beach or a swim in the pool of the water villas, the couples can also enjoy couple massages and romantic candlelight dinners at Villingili Resort Island.

Male- The Shopping Paradise For Tourists 

resort island

The capital city of the country- Male city is the major shopping place with the places like Majeedhee Magu Street. This famous shopping street has rows of shops are lined selling varieties of Maldivian souvenirs namely lacquer works, Dhoni crafts – miniatures of traditional Maldivian boats, and weaved mats for seating and sleeping purposes.

For the foodies, Maldives can be the experience of a lifetime as they can relish upon traditional Maldivian cuisine which majorly incorporates rice, fish, and starchy items. The most popular curry is the Mas Riha. One must try at least one local delicacy before concluding their visit.

Best Time To Visit Maldives

If you wish to explore more then the best time to visit the Maldives is the dry season i.e. November to April. It is when the sky is clear, the sun is brighter and the sea is calmer than ever. Apart from this, the season is ideal for water sports, sunbathing, street shopping, romantic beach dinners, and a lot more.

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However, there are several things you need to know before a trip. It will help you plan your vacation wisely and also will make you have a hassle-free stay.

  1. No Visa Required If you are panicking about getting a visa, you don’t have to. As Maldives issue a thirty-day visa on arrival. All that you must have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months and a return ticket.
  2. No Liquor Maldives, being an Islamic nation has a restriction on liquor. So you cannot carry liquor or consume it on any of the local inhabited islands. If you buy any spirit or alcohol from the duty-free shop you have to leave with the customs which you can collect on your way out. However, the private resorts are licensed to serve alcohol to tourists, albeit at a markup.
  3. Monsoon Is Not The Best Time: As the rainfall is considered during the monsoons i.e. June to October; the peak season to visit is from early December to March. However, if you are a surfer then June, July, August is the best season.
  4. No Souvenieur: Collecting seashells, sand, coral, and tortoise shells is strictly illegal and has strict policies for the same by the government. As they are home to hermit crabs who play a good role in controlling the sand fly population.
  5. Transportation Can Double The Cost: While planning the trip make a check on your transportation within the country. As from Male airport, the flights or speed boats to your resort island can double up the cost of your trip transportation.

Keeping these things in mind you can get yourself all geared up to have an experience of a lifetime at one of the most romantic destinations!!!



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