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Every Girl Squad Has These Types Of Girls! Find Out More!

Our girl squad has been there through thick and thin, whether it’s bailing out from creepy dates or surviving a heartbreak, we have faced it all together.

Even if the girls inside our gang change, there are these fixed personalities that every girl gang has:

The Mom

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She is the one who has strong maternal instincts. She always takes care of you and pampers you like a child. She can get a bit annoying at times but she’s a sweetheart and makes you feel like home no matter where you go.

The Tomboy

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She is basically a boy trapped inside a girls body. She is the athletic one who is always eager to take up any challenge that comes to her way. She always tries to be your saviour when you are way too drunk at a party.

The Fashionista

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She is probably your fashion advisor you run to when you have a date or have a major event to attend. She knows everything from contouring to a million lipstick shades. She always keeps your style quotient in check.

The Wing Woman

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Whenever you are too nervous to approach a guy you like, she works her magic and be the best wing woman. If it isn’t for her you would’ve probably ended up with nonexistent dating life.

The Gossip Queen

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From celebrity gossip to who is dating who, she knows it all. She is the one who you go when you need your daily refill of gossip.
She is the one who finds out if your crush has a crush on you.

The 3 AM Partner

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She’s the one you call when you want to cry out loud or are in a mood for really deep philosophical conversation. She’s the one who supports you emotionally when you feel lonely and always stops you from overthinking.

The Bad Influence

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She is the adventurous type but mostly her adventures with you have always landed you in messy situations. Yet, she is the one you end up with after a breakup to burn all the memories of your ex or for classic revenge.

The All-Rounder

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She is the one, who is good at everything she does whether its sports, art, academics it a gig name it and she’ll excel in it. She inspires you to be a better version of yourself but sometimes even you can’t handle her perfect personality.

The Party Animal

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She is the life of every party and basically the reason you get to attend so many of them. She loves to chill out and lives in the moment and encourages you to let loose sometimes.

Your Soulmate

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She is the sister you never had. She knows you like no one else. You can share your deepest darkest secrets with her and still feel safe. She treats you like a queen and even scolds you when you don’t treat yourself right. She is the one who means the world to you.

Even though all of your gang members have different personalities, you always support and stand up for each other just like a family.

Keep shining girls!

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