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Ethereum’s Co-Founder Doesn’t Find Crypto “A Safe Place”, Quits The Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is growing each day with more new digital currencies other than bitcoin getting introduced to the investors. But, a recent decision by the co-founder of Ethereum has raised questions over its safety, future, and profitability.


Anthony Di Lorio, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, is not interested in blockchain projects anymore. He has decided to stay away from the crypto world and gave red signals to everyone associated with the industry.

Here’s why Anthony is leaving the crypto industry.

“Crypto Is Not A Safe World,” Says Ethereum’s Co-Founder Anthony

The 48-year old said during an interview with Bloomberg that crypto is a high-risk profile that doesn’t excites him anymore.

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Another reason he gave for his decision is the safety associated with the crypto business. The crypto guy had hired a security team in 2017 for the same. Since then the team has been staying with Anthony as a shadow and follows him on every trip and meeting. Anthony said he never felt safe in the 6 years of his journey with Ethereum.

Di Lorio further said the role of cryptocurrencies in tackling major problems of the world is very less and he wants to tackle complex problems. His words seem like a warning and imply that cryptos may not be that good for future of the currencies.


Ether currency was launched by Vitalik Buterin in 2015 and is now the second-best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. It has a total market cap of $307 billion after bitcoin that holds the value of $641 billion as per the report in Forbes.

Ethereum’s price may surpass bitcoin after its second iteration steps into the industry. It is based on the PoS model and said to be more profitable for miners in comparison to bitcoin’s PoW model.

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Co-Founder Of Ethereum Shares His Future Plans


Di Lorio is planning to work on projects other than cryptos following his exit. According to reports, he would sell off his startup company Decentral Inc. that he has founded in 2019.

Before Anthony, Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer had left the industry citing it as a hyper-capitalistic technology. Their decisions have raised several questions and would affect the future decision of investors and miners too.

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