Estonia: Only Country in the World Headed by Women

Baltic State of Europe, Estonia is the only country in the world to be steered by Females as both the Prime Minister and President of this nation are women. On 26th January 2021, this Baltic Nation got its first-ever Female Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and already the president of this country is Kersti Kaljulaid.

Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister ranked among smaller countries has attained its excellence in giving priority to Gender Balance, Kallas emphasized Gender Balance while creating the new cabinet.

Hence placed many females in Prominent Positions such as Finance Minister and Foreign Ambassador to be the Czech Republic. Almost around 14 ministries will be headed by Females.

It should be noted that New Zealand, Denmark, and Barbados; these three countries even have Female Prime Ministers and Heads Of State but Heads of State are Queens here, as these countries follow Monarchy System, but Estonia is the only country where Female Leaders are elected by the people following a Parliamentary System.

Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister

Background of Kaja Kallas and Kersti Kaljulaid

Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister
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Kaja Kallas, the PM of the country was born in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. She is a lawyer by Profession and served as a member of the Estonian Bar Association in the year 1999 and an attorney law in 2002.

After that she acquired a partnership in one of the law firms. She did her graduation in law from the  University of Tartu and after that attained an Executive MBA degree in Economics from Estonian Business School.

Being an Executive MBA professional, she even worked as an executive coach in Estonian B school. Before becoming Pm she represented Reform Party as the Chairwoman of this party.

Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister
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Kersti Kalajulaid received a degree in Biology from the University of Tartu and did MBA in Business Management after that from the same university. After her MBA she worked as a Sales Manager in one of the state-owned firms, then switched over to Investment Banking and finally ended as being Economic Advisor to Prime Minister Mart Laar’s Administration. She was even the director of the biggest Iru-Power Plant.

Politically she describes herself as Liberal-Conservative as she supports LGBT rights and Immigration and has given speeches in support of Conservative Economic Policies and strong civil society with reduced interference. She is now the fifth and president and began her tenure in September 2016 as the first President.

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Tenure of Female Leaders

Notably, the Kallas cabinet has only two years left to Distinguish Itself in the European Union and as a member of NATO as the next general election is set to take place in March 2023. The most important thing now is to deal with Aggravating scenario of Coronavirus and eventually its worsening economic situations due to Virus.

However, Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister may not remain the country headed by females for longer time as President Kersti has not given any information on whether she will solicit reelection for Presidentship because Estonian lawmakers congregate by September for President Elections.

Estonia- A Balanced Republic Country

Estonia with both Female President and Prime Minister
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Well, Estonia is a Beautiful country of Islands, it has 1500 islands and Islets, It lies in the Northeastern part of Europe and is the northernmost of three the Baltic States.

Its capital Tallinn has made its mark on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It follows the technique of “Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic”.

Its Broader perspective makes it a successful nation where there is a linear income tax, fair budget system, less debts, and right GDP, making it strong Economically too.

One more amazing thing is, it has a maximum population of females, In fact for every 100 women here there are 84 men. It has achieved broader perspectives as we can see politically and hence it can be said a Balanced Nation.




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