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Easy And Effective Tips To Store Your Jewellery

No matter you have a wide or small collection of jewellery, it’s essential to store and arrange them properly. Well, we know, organize and store jewellery appropriately is a difficult task. But with some care and tricks you can easily organize your jewels. So, just keep reading to know the best tricks to store your jewellery properly. Here we discuss some of the best tips you can follow to organize your jewels.

Start By Categorizing:

Firstly categorize your jewels, before starting them. So, separate your all earrings, rings and chains and let’s start:

For A Drawer:

Via: pinterest.com

If you store your jewellery in a drawer, then you can use plenty of things around the house for keeping your jewels. You can use mugs, boxes, pots and even egg crates.

If you don’t want to use these things, then you can use individual boxes for keeping different kinds of accessories. Apart from that, if you want then you can also purchase drawer dividers. A small box is perfect for earrings and clips, and you can use bowl for chains and necklaces.

For A Vanity Table:

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If you want to show your jewels, then vanity set-up is perfect choice for you. In vanity set-up you can put all the jewellery boxes and organizers on display. For keeping your every day jewels, you can use bowls as it allows to easily grab them.  Moreover, you can invest in pretty trinket boxes and see-through acrylic boxes to complete your décor.

For Walls:

You can use the wall space, if you have broad collection of jewels. This way you can easily manage all your jewels properly. You can also use rod mounted to arrange your neck pieces and earrings.

To conclude, these are pro-tips to organize and store your jewellery properly. So, follow them and prevent your jewels from damage, and so on.

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