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Will Earth Turn to Dust as it’s Getting Closer to Sun? See What’s to Come…

Earth has revolved around the Sun for billions of years now and the journey might end soon if it keeps getting closer to our tempestuous star. Earth has been hit by a solar flare from the Sun as it recently got a little too close to our star. The temperature of our star is more than enough to burn our only living planet into dust even from millions of miles away.

The large solar flare from the star will likely cause damage to the satellite system and other space instruments that govern a lot of activity down here on our planet. The Sun keeps releasing limitless numbers of geomagnetic storms and the impact of these storms will intensify even more if the Earth gets closer to the Sun.

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Solar Flare Impact

The recent orbital movement of Earth have turned slightly closer to our star as it gets pulled towards it due to the gravitational pull. This is not a rare phenomenon as due to the mass of the Sun, the planets revolve around it get attracted towards it. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system that lies within the habitable zone where any planet could support life. However, if our planet gets any closer to the Sun now, the solar flares from the star will destroy it and all the life on the planet will soon demolish.

Earth is currently at 91.4 million miles (147 million kilometers) from the Sun. The distance was measured as of January 04. Moreover, our life-giving planet might get even closer to Sun in a few days and get slammed by solar flares that could destroy it in no time.

The solar storm from the Sun are getting even intense as it releasing large and violented flares that consists of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). There’s a 30% possibility that our planet might get hit by geomagnetic storms due to the X-class flares appearing on the surface of Sun. These solar flares can potentially destroy our satellites and spacecrafts revolving around the planet.

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