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Drinks Tea daily? Then this news is for you

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Food Desk According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, drinking more tea increases the chances of serious diseases such as cancer. Apart from this, drinking too much tea can cause many losses to the health. So Apollo BSR Hospital’s chief dietitian sweetie Yadav gives advice to more tea Avoid three cups a day. They are telling about the 5 losses caused by drinking tea. Keep these things while making tea Meditation:

  • Do not boil tea leaves, milk, and sugars together by boiling tea. Boil water first Then insert the tea leaf. Finally, add milk.
  • It is enough to boil tea water once. Boil more tea for more than three minutes and then there will be lack of oxygen in the water. The tea test will be bad.
  • Always put tea leaves in boiling water. This makes both color and flavor of tea good.
  • Do not drink more than half an hour of tea. Indication can be done from this.

How does drinking tea affect children’s health?

Via:dreamteaboutiqueThe American Academy of Pediatrics Research Patients can have negative effects on the body of the children by drinking tea:

  • Brain power is less than caffeine present in it.
  • It contains sugars. Drinking more tea causes the teeth of children to get worse.
  • It does not completely balance the calcium in the body. Bones are weak
  • The caffeine contained in this can lead to children’s insurrection. The problem of stomach increases.

Hope, after knowing these tips you will not drink more teacups in a day.

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