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Enjoy Dopamine Dating: 6 Insider Tips for a Long-Term Relationship

In the era of Bumble and Tinder, it is hard to have a long-lasting relationship. Because with so many options people always choose to jump to conclusions with a small dispute. Everybody is in a rush and has over expectations about their relationship but at the same time desire to have a long-lasting healthy relationship.

There is a term called ‘Dopamine Dating’ that means having a healthy relationship for a long period and feeling the same rush and happiness that u felt at the beginning. But it all sounds like bookish talk that can’t be possible in real life. If your mind process in such a way then that’s the prominent reason why you are unable to have a relationship like that.

If one person is in a healthy relationship and wants to work it out for the long term then must know about these key tips. Scroll down to know about the 6 most important tips for thriving in the world of dopamine dating. Also know about, Top Challenges In Relationships and How To Keep The Love Alive.

6 insider tips for a long-term relationship, dopamine dating

Everyone desires a permanent person in their life. With whom they can build a bond, a friendship, and a person to rely on. Being in a healthy relationship for a long time helps a person to get focused in their life and be emotionally fulfilled.

But sadly not many people can feel this. If you are looking for insider tips for healthy long-lasting relationships then look at these 7 pro suggestions and work on them.

1. Maintain individuality in a relationship

Enjoy Dopamine Dating: 6 Insider Tips for a Long-Term Relationship

What most people do is forget about their life is not just a relationship. It is said that a relationship is a part of life, not your whole life. Don’t fully depend on your partner for your emotional needs. Because when one time he/she will unable to fulfill them then that turns out in sadness and over expectations.

Have a friend circle, go out with your friends, and don’t detach yourself from the world because you have a permanent person. Maintain your individuality in your relationship to have a dopamine dating life for the long term.

2. Be understanding

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Being understanding is the most important factor that everybody lacks in their relationship. Sometimes as a partner, we have to put ourselves in the other’s shoes or try to understand the situation from their perspective.

Sometimes people get engaged in things, they couldn’t make time for certain things. A person must understand the situation and circumstances of their partner. But importantly don’t get over understanding that a person takes you for granted.

3. Put efforts into the relationship

Enjoy Dopamine Dating: 6 Insider Tips for a Long-Term Relationship

A healthy relationship or we say dopamine dating is the result of putting in efforts from both sides. Don’t wait for your partner to go first and think he is a man, man always has to make efforts.

As an individual and a partner, you have to put equal effort to work out a relationship for a long period. whether it is for the smallest thing from talking about something to making a plan.

Putting effort shows the Zeal for a healthy relationship from both sides. So, never hesitate in taking one step forward to dopamine dating.

4. Don’t take each other for granted

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Taking granted is not just a word but a virus that kills a healthy going relationship.  It is not visible bit makes a big void in your partner’s heart. Don’t ever take your loved one for granted if you wish to have a long-term relationship. If your partner is putting in effort then recognise it and appreciate it.

The problem is that sometimes people assume that he/ she will understand certain things and just ignore them. But these small things make a big pile of unheard emotions and end up being a total mental breakdown.

5. Keep doing new things together

Enjoy Dopamine Dating: 6 Insider Tips for a Long-Term Relationship

Dopamine dating is just keeping your relationship always fresh. But if a person keeps on repeating the old boring stuff then for how long one can make a fresh healthy feeling for their relationship?

Couples must try out new things. Leave your bed and the idea of Netflix and chill. Go out and cherish your relationship by watching the sunset together. New things don’t mean big things, or big trips but to have small small things enjoy the little moments.

6. Don’t be afraid to go slow in a relationship

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Most people won’t realize it but it is the most important tip for a healthy long-term relationship. Some days are good some are bad, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work out.

Time is the biggest Healer, whether it is about making strong bonds or going to the next level, with time everything gets better. One must never be afraid to go slow or give time to their partner for certain things. Read about 10 Signs You are Workaholics and How to Control Your Addiction 

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