Doordarshan Turns 62: Netizens’ Indulge In Nostalgia Remembering Best Of DD

Sticking to just one TV channel seems impossible nowadays due to the wide availability and popularity. But, there was a time when we all were happy to watch the only channel broadcasted- Doordarshan. It kept us entertained and engaged right from the morning shows like Chitrahar to evening programs like Krishi Darshan.

We might have watched them more out of compulsion rather than a choice but we can’t deny that they gave us good memories. Nostalgia strikes once again as Doordarshan turns 62 today and we are refreshing all those days with shows that made our childhood.

10 Popular Doordarshan Shows Only 90s Kids Remember

Several users took Twitter to share their favorite and best shows on Doordarshan, here’s the list

doordarshan turns 62

1. Rangoli- Sunday’s were boring without it and we could not wait to listen to our favorite 90s songs then

2. Mahabharata- Even now it saved us from getting bored whilst connecting to mythology.

3. Mowgli- We did not realize then but Mowgli had only 52 episodes and we thought its a never-ending cartoon show

4. Nukkad- Telling a tale of the everyday situation of a metro city

5. Ramayan- How can we forget this epic show on Lord Rama that’s still everyone’s favorite

6. Raja Aur Rancho- It was the biggest hit and no other show has matched his character till now. A monkey as an assistant of a crime detective sounds weird now but we all watched the show with curiosity. Agreed?

7. Shaktiman- Doordarshan gave us the first superhero, more like a spider-man, who has a dual role.

8. Tu Tu Main Main– One of the best saas-bahu shows in the history of the TV industry

9. Alif Laila– 90s Aladin was every kid’s favorite and the show gave it a more realistic touch with props like magical lamps, flying carpets, and more

10. Hum Log– We all used to wait eagerly for this show as it aired once a week.

Tenali Raman, Surabhi, Fauji, Circus, Wagle Ki Duniya, Malgudi Days were other popular and best shows on Doordarshan. Even the news was interesting then. Overall, it had something for everyone, be it kids or adults. Most of the shows are still available on DVDs and online.

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And to your surprise, the DD channel was not only limited to India but also broadcasted to the UK and 145 more countries. The history of Doordarshan began in 1959 when GOI launched the first public service channel. However, its popularity declined after the 90s due to the introduction of private channels.

But still, it’s the best and users can’t stop sharing their memories with Doordarshan as it turns 62. Have a look here:


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