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Dodge Over These “Dangerous Scams” on Google!!

Right now Service Center Scam is also increasing very fast. By getting trapped in this scam, the bank account of the users can be empty. However, scam on Google platform is not new. But, you need to be careful with this. Due to your one mistake, the bank account can be empty.

Google Dangerous Scams: Service Center Scam

The world is fast moving towards online. Scammers are also trying to take advantage of this. In such a situation, you must beware of scams. Every day one gets to hear about new scams. Due to a mistake, lakhs of rupees are cleared from the victim’s bank account.


Now a service center scam is going on. However, this scam is not new. But, taking advantage of this, cyber thugs are making people victims of scams. As it is clear from the name itself, this scam is done in the service center’s name. Here you are being told about it in detail.

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Google Dangerous Scams: What is a service center scam?

People look for the service center number when any device or product gets damaged. The easiest way for this is to use Google search. But, scammers take advantage of this. Lakhs of rupees of a person get wasted by getting trapped in its trap.

Users create a website similar to the service center of the product. After this, he is ranked at the top of Google with the help of the CEO. That is, that website starts appearing on top in Google search results.


When someone searches for a term similar to this on Google, it appears at the top of the website. Most people open the site without checking its authenticity and call the mobile number given on it. This opens a portal for scammers to empty innocent people’s bank accounts.


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This call comes to the scammer. After this, the scammers install the malware apps on the user’s device. Users believe everything to be true and go on giving all the information. Scammers also take advantage of this information.

Due to being a malware app in the app, the scammer gets the user’s net banking and other important details. Taking advantage of this, scammers try to break into the user’s bank account and empty the bank account.

Various websites and and journals aware users via social media and alert them on new any new way with which scammers prey the users on Google. Recently, The Epoach Times have shared a video on tweet alarming users about the Google voice identity theft.

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