DIY Face Masks For Every Skin Need You Might Have

Acne, pimples, dullness, dryness, and what not! Our skin keeps changing with time and affecting us in many ways depending upon the skin type we have. These issues get worse stealing the entire glow of our face at once. Thankfully, homemade DIY face masks work for real.

They are no less than all-in-one solutions to keep these skin problems at bay. A good one will hydrate your skin, open the clogged pores, improve elasticity, lighten dark spots, and reduce signs of aging.

But, be wary while applying these natural remedies as not all ingredients work equally for oily, dry, and dull skin. We have identified the best homemade face masks for glowing skin, get the recipe and benefits here.

DIY Face Masks For Dry Skin

diy face masks

Just like our body, the skin needs moisture too and there are tiny glands to keep the face hydrated. However, those with dry skin type lack enough moisture causing itching, roughness, and poor skin texture. Cucumber is an incredibly good ingredient for them.

It’s 96 % water thus keeping your skin cool and hydrated most of the time. Moreover, it is gentle on your face and reduces puffiness and swelling too.

Ingredients- half cucumber and 1 tablespoon sugar


• Remove the skin of cucumber and cut into the cubes
• Mash the pieces and add sugar
• Keep in refrigerator for not more than a minute
• Take some paste and apply on the face gently
• After letting it rest for 10 minutes wash with cold water

Frequency- two times a week

Alternative- Sandalwood powder (Chandan), coconut oil, and rose water also nourish the dry skin and are beneficial to remove flakiness. You can either use them separately or use them in a paste form.

Best Face Mask For People With Oily Skin Type

homemade face masks for glowing skin

Those with greasy skin type are at an advantage as they have a thick texture that prevents the skin to get wrinkles and fine lines. But too much oil is not appealing whether it’s in your food or skin. Applying cream, lotions, or other skincare products seems to add more greasiness, which is undoubtedly true.

Aloe vera helps in controlling sebum production as they are astringent and anti-inflammatory in nature. Their natural properties also prevent the sagginess of skin maintaining the natural glow. Here’s how to use it.

Ingredients- Aloe vera gel or pulp (1 tbsp) and Turmeric (half teaspoon)

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• Make a paste by mixing turmeric and aloe gel in a blender
• Cover the facial skin with this mix
• Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off the aloe pack

Frequency- thrice a week

Alternative- Multani mitti and rose water

Homemade Face Mask For Acne And Dull Skindiy face mask

Acne are not always the result of extra oil on the face, even those with combination and dry skin can also face this issue. Green tea is the best natural home remedy to fight acne-problem and restore the lost glow naturally.

Polyphenols, antioxidant EGCG, and vitamin B-2 in Green Tea rejuvenate skin cells, prevent damage due to free radicals, and also soothe itching and irritation.

Ingredients- 1 tablespoon each of Green Tea powder, Honey and Baking Soda

You can even use the soaked green tea leaves


• Mix leaves, baking soda, and honey in a bowl
• Add water if it gets too thick
• Wash your face and Apply this green paste
• Cover each area but do not re-apply or else the face mask will get too thick
• Once it is dry, gently rub the skin in an upward circular motion
• Rinse off with lukewarm water

Frequency- 1-3 times weekly

Alternative- If you don’t get honey or baking soda, use lemon juice and sugar instead

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DIY Face Mask For Combination Skin Type

homemade face mask for dull skin

If your skin type is unpredictable, get acne sometimes while feels dry on other days, then it’s definitely the third type. Combination skin is one of the most complicated types making it difficult for one to choose the ideal face mask.

Don’t worry, try the oat and curd mask recipe that has dual benefits. Oats serve as an exfoliating agent removing dead skin cells on the other hand curd locks the moisture.

Ingredients- Oatmeal ( 2 tbsp) and half tablespoon of curd


• Make a smooth paste using both ingredients
• Cover the face with oat and curd pack leaving the area under eyes and lips
• Let the paste gets firm, it will take around 10-15 minutes
• You can wash your face after the set duration

[ Note- Do not make the paste extra smooth or else it will drip from your skin]

Frequency- twice a week

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All these homemade face masks for glowing skin result in supple, soft skin free from acne and scars, however, they take time. But once you start making them a routine, you will find your skin healthier and better than before.

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