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Did Your Mom Say That?

Typical Indian moms are way too hilarious and dramatic when it comes to expressing their emotions. Expression, drama and humor are the three most common attribute of Indian mothers.

If you are an Indian, you know it better. If you are not, believe it- It happens only in India.


Dive in to roll on the floor with your uncontrollable laughter, after you resonate with your mom’s favourite phrases.

Kaha ho beta? Ghar kab tak aaoge?


Even if you are adult, married, father of two children, this will never go stale. Indian moms can trust you on anything but not this. For your mom, you can win over Katappa but you can never get back home safe. After all, you are the apple of her eye.

Jab tumahre bachche honge tab puchenge tumse.


This is the most manipulative Indian mom’s phrase ever. Believe it or not, this is mom’s Brahmastra to get anything done from you. It is the end dialogue of any and every argument. Bet it, you can’t even disagree to it!

Sab kuch iss phone ke wajah se hua hai!


From getting low grades to having a break- up, everything is the result of you using that damn mobile. Mom and mobile can never be friends. With situation, the intensity of this phrase also changes. Observe it next time, your mom shuts you up with this dialogue.

Kyaaa? Fir Tupperware Guma dia?


After you hear this, get ready to get out of the house. No mom can bear this loss. She can see Sharmaji’s son getting good grades but this, no way! So, next time, you lose one dabba, make sure you don’t tell it straight. Just reach home timely and help her in chores. Everything will automatically be okay!

Meri toh Koi Sunta hi nahi hai iss ghr mein.


This is the most epic of all phrases. Remember your mom’s melodramatic face when you leave the laundry undone or say no to visit your mom’s friend. This is her way to get the most impossible things done from you.

Summer Special:- Bottle bhar kar fridge mein rakh dena.


Half of your childhood, teenage life, and now lockdown period, you have spent on this. This was, is, and will remain the most favourite of her dialogue. Sit to watch any web series, play video game or anything, pat comes the melodious voice- Bottle bhar do, beta.

These dialogue exhibit mom’s love, affection and care for her children. Every Indian child grows up hearing these dialogues from his mom. Honestly, these phrases have made growing up an awesome journey. If you loved reading it, share it with your friends and laugh together.

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