Did You Know this before About Adoption?

Adopting a child has been a dream of many parents and individuals. With the ease in process, understand how you can nurture a family with adoption of a child in India.

Who can adopt?


As per the Adoption Regulation 2017 and norms of Juvenile Justice Act 2015, these are the facts adoption seeking people should be aware of:-

  1. The adoptive parents should be stable both mentally and physically. They should be financially stable to nurture the child. Also, they should not be dealing with any life- threatening medical situation.
  2. A couple can only adopt a child if they have at least two years of stable marital relationship.
  3. A person is eligible to adopt a child irrespective of his/ her marital status. Also, having a biological child before or after doesn’t affect the adoption.
  4. Under the new norms, a single female can adopt a girl child but a male cannot adopt a girl child.
  5. Parents to three or more children are not allowed to adopt a child unless exceptional situations.
  6. An Indian or an NRI resident, both are eligible to adopt a child in the country.

Age to be a Prospective Adoptive Parent

The minimum age to adopt a child is 25 years and the maximum age is 55 years. This is applicable both in the case of a single parent or a married couple willing to adopt a child.

 Which child can be adopted under the Law?


According to the regulations, a child could be an “orphan, abandoned and surrendered child, declared legally free for adoption by the Child Welfare Committee”. Also, adoption is possible in case of “child or children of spouse from earlier marriage, surrendered by the biological parent(s) for adoption by the step-parent.”

What is the Adoption Process?


The parents willing to adopt a child initially have to register with CARA and complete the application process online. Once registered, a background check of the individual or couple whatever the case maybe is conducted. It can be done by any registered agency or a social worker of the individual or couple whatever the case maybe. After the check and home study, the approval is declared and the parents are eligible for a child referral.

What is Next?

Once the home study is done and child is adopted, a regular check is done varying from 6 months to 2 years. The after report is uploaded online on CARINGS with all the valid details.

Can Specially- Abled Parents Adopt?

According to the Act, anyone who fulfils all the conditions specified above is eligible to adopt a child. Differentially- abled individuals can adopt a child with a proof of no serious ailment certificate from their concerned doctors. The home study conducted also assures that parents are healthy enough to nurture the child.

Should the Child Know About his/ her Adoption?


After a certain age and time, it should be revealed to a child with proper method. It is good both for the child and for the parents as well.

Now, when you know everything about adoption and its process, head to the official site and complete your family.

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