Deepika Padukone To Play The Role Of Draupadi In The Reincarnation of ‘Mahabharata’

From our childhood to adulthood, we’ve almost lost the number of counts that Mahabharata was reincarnated in the form of movies, TV shows, books, plays and whatnot.
However, the epic mythological story doesn’t lose its charm regardless of how many times we encounter it!

“Yahi Toh Khubsoorti Hai Mahabharata Ki Saheb!”

Anyway, coming to the point, Deepika Padukone, along with Filmmaker Madhu Mantena is producing a film which narrates Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view!
Well, this has never happened before, we’ve got to give it to that.

And the cherry on the top is, none other than Deepika herself will play the role of Draupadi!

FYI, this the third film in the row which is produced by Deepika after ‘Chhapak’ and ’83’
Damn, actor-turned producer real quick. Is this a call for family planning maybe! Who knows *Wink*

Moving on attention to details on this brand new project, the film will be released in parts, with the first part to be scheduled for Diwali 2021.

According to Deepika:

” I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to be essaying the role of Draupadi. I truly believe that it is the role of a lifetime.”

deepika padukone Mahabharata
Via: The Poineer

So do we Deepika! Now, we sure are very much excited for seeing you in the film, but more than that, we’re even more eager to know who all will be playing the role of your five husbands! *Wink*

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