‘Deadpool’ star Brianna Hildebrand May Join ‘Playing With Fire’

deadpool Brianna Hildebrand johncena

‘Deadpool’ star Brianna Hildebrand May Join ‘Playing With Fire’: Brianna Hildebrand, who portrayed the role of fan-favorite Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the ‘Deadpool’ franchise, could be next seen with John Cena, sharing the screen in ‘Playing With Fire’.

The Paramount Players Project is a genre of family comedy, revolving around a group of rugged wildfire fighters, who meet their match when they save a trio of energetic children.

As per the latest Hollywood news, if the deal works out, Deadpool star, Hildebrand will be playing the role of the eldest of the orphaned siblings, Brynn.

On the other hand, the script has been written by Matt Lieberman (The Christmas Chronicles), ‘Playing With Fire’ will be directed by Andy Fickman.

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