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Deadpool Discreetly Welcomed His Third Child And We’re Wondering What’s With All The Secrets!

Our favourite superhero along with his gorgeous wife Blake Lively have become a family of five and we’re are drooling over how could a couple be so perfect!

A ‘Gossip Girl’ told us that Serena Vanderwoodsen a.k.a Blake Lively had her third, junior Deadpool and we can’t help but happy about the ‘IT’ couple of Hollywood!

Via: People

How did we stumble upon this you ask? Well, let’s just say a little bird at US Weekly told us!

Although we all had our doubts when Ryan Reynolds shared a date night picture with his beautiful wife!


We spotted ‘Gossip Girl’ flaunting her baby bump earlier this year at the premiere of  Pokémon Detective Pikachu. 

Via: People

They are already parenting two beautiful daughters James and Inez, and we wish a hearty congrats to them.


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