Data breach ‘Collection #1’ is just the tip of the iceberg

computer data breach

Data breach ‘Collection #1’ is just the tip of the iceberg: Over 773 million email addresses were found out in the latest breach”>data breach called ‘Collection #1’.

The large-scale dataset founded to be years old. Nonetheless, a security researcher claims that the 87GB dataset is a part of a much larger breach.

As per Krebs on Security, the data dump containing 773 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords is just a subset of a much larger section of passwords made available on the dark web by a shadowy seller naming Sanixer on Telegram.

The present offering of the seller is approximately 1 terabyte of stolen and hacked passwords and collection #1 is a part of its dataset which is available only at USD 45. The seller said that the collection #1 data is around 2-3 years old.

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But another dataset which he provides them is less than one year old.

Security researchers have pointed out that the habit of collecting large quantities of credentials and posting it online is not new at all.

The data which is stolen is used for things like phishing, blackmail, and other indirect attacks. The main reason for the data being stolen is the habits of users using poor passwords or re-using old passwords and making their accounts more open to attacks.

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