Dark Side Of Air Hostess Profession You Definately Don’t Know


The life behind the bright face of the air hostess is hidden. There is not much light in their story, as far as we can be seen from a distance. Often, TV serials and cinema’s air hostess work are shown to be shiny and ash-o-relax, which is a bit closer to the truth but far away. Like every profession has its own problems, it also has its own.

Do you know what an air hostess has to face because of your work?


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Air Hostess is country-wide. Walking on the company’s money, meeting with newcomers. But no human is talking about their mind with a stranger. After walking around the world, their story is heard only by their friends. If the family is not together, if there is no presence of friends, then there is a free time.

Health problem

The air hostess does not work for the human body. The effect of working at very high altitudes affects the brain. Lack of memory is one of them. Generally, air hostess drinks less water during work. Ttheir has a direct effect on the kidney.


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The air of the pilots is clear, the world is obvious. Air hostesses have to ignore their little sneak peeves. In the larger case, the proceedings are carried out on the passenger.

Nature of job

It is said about air hostess that there is a high level of servant. If necessary, they have to clean up the vomiting. Always have to answer smiling. Whether the front is talking to you even by being rude.

Fewer holidays


Holidays are available for family work. But Air Hostess hopes for a holiday on the occasion of the festival. Normal holidays are also very low. Most air staff are home.  


Working period

There is no fix routine. Time of work also varies due to flight timing. 10 to 11 hours of work is required throughout the day. The opportunity to spend time at home is very rare.

Always look attractive

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Whether you are going through a pain from inside, but face makeup can not be reduced. It is very difficult to keep heavy make-up for 7 to 8 hours a day. It also affects the skin

Of course, an air hostess gets good work in return for their work. But they have to sacrifice many Khustheir to pay the price.